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Interview With A Life Coach: Meet Dr Sia

“The modern-day people tend to see their work as something so much more important than their lives. They forget to spend some time to balance the growth in all other areas that needed to create the kind of lifestyle they desired.” - Dr Sia Ah Hiok
Dr Siah Ah Hiok, an inspirational speaker.

What does success mean? Everyone looks for success, but not everyone can be successful. For some, the word success means being happy, healthy and loved. For others it means being famous, having lots of money and live a life of luxury. There is no single right way to measure the word "success". It's really up to the individual to define what it means to be successful. Warren Buffett, one of the most successful bussinessman of all time shares his view on what "success" means to him, "I measure success by how many people love me.”

Life is not a bed of roses, and success often comes with a price tag. To achieve any goal in life, we need persistence, patience, focus and dedication. It usually involves serving others and doing the right thing.

As humans, we all need to deal with life's rough patches. Some are fortunate enough to bounce back and thrive after they hit rock bottom. These people welcome challenges and see them as opportunities for growth. Unfortunately, not everyone has the skills to deal with the stress of uncertainty. Some of them find it very difficult to move forward from struggles. The fear of change continues to hold them in the mud.

For this reason, to design an ideal life, a clear mind is needed to make good decisions. A calm mind will help us see how things should be done, what works best for us so that we can live a meaningful life.

To cut through the chaos in life, we have to learn first to be self-aware. Without self-awareness, it would be difficult for us to find ways to move into a more desired direction.

According to Dr Sia Ah Hiok, most people worry too much about almost everything. "Worry prevents us from enjoying the people and things we love. In today's world, we worry about work, career, relationships, money and health. We don't realize that chronic worrying or over thinking is a mental habit. It can cause mental health to decline, eventually lead to anxiety and depression.”

Confident, self-assured, humorous and fills with positive vibes, Dr Sia received her PhD in Urban Leadership and Policy Studies in Education at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. As a certified motivational consultant and life coach, she is passionate about helping students and professionals reach their full potential. Dr Sia has travelled extensively all over Asia to inspire thousands of students from different backgrounds to live a more fulfilling and happier life. “Knowing how to handle the ups and downs in life can help us feel grounded.” She said.

“The modern-day people tend to see their work as something so much more important than their lives. They forget to spend some time to balance the growth in all other areas that needed to create the kind of lifestyle they desired.” She added.

Dr Sia believes the best way to live a well-balanced life is to master good life management skills. The best part is, to achieve a peaceful calm state of mind, one doesn't need to meditate on a mountaintop except the willingness to adopt new habits. A healthy mind-set is an asset. It can help us attract health, abundance and happiness.

“One of the most effective ways to solve problems is to deal with small problems one at a time. Don’t wait and allow the problems to grow into big issues. You can avoid unnecessary stress by addressing them early. Mounting up problems can lead to anxiety, worries and tension. Worrying too much will increase cortisol levels. The stress hormone can accelerate stress-related health problems. ” She further explained.

Another tip to manage stress levels effectively, according to Dr Sia, is to practice daily self-reflection. For example, ask thought provoking-questions to gain deeper insights. She believes good self-reflection skills can enhance leadership skills, help us understand ourselves better and learn to see things in multiple perspectives.

”To calm down the monkey mind, try taking short mindful breaks. Experts have discovered that even 5-minute of meditation can let your stress melt away and help build resilience over-time. The challenge is to create a meditation habit that sticks, and commit to it.” Said Dr Sia.

Need life-changing advice?

“Is your glass half full or half empty?” The answer often reflects your worldview and value. Positive thinking helps us improve our overall wellbeing, while negative thoughts can contribute to panic disorder. To Dr Sia, happiness is a matter of choice. By making happiness a habit, you can create heaven on earth. Hell is only one bad thought away.

“At the end of the day, it’s all about how you love yourself. Ignoring your basic needs and totally focusing on the needs of others will drain you emotionally,” Dr Sia explained. "Self-love is not selfish, rather it is an expression of personal core values to fulfil lfe's purpose. To make the best of a situation, sometimes, a shift of perspective is necessary to turn things around."

Finally, a good piece of advice from Dr Sia, “The mind can be an excellent and gifted servant if we practise mindfulness daily. We are the captain of our ships. It’s entirely our choice where we want to go. Success is at your fingertips if you do the right things”

So what drives success? To sum up: Don't wish for an easy life, wish for a better you.

Article published in Dreamic Educational Magazine, 2019.

*Your memory will never fade. Rest in peace Dr Sia, - 2022


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